What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a system of healing based on the belief that food can cure ailments and maintain a state of health.  It is characterized by its drug-free approach, respect for the body’s self healing ability, use of supplements to maximize an individual’s health and recognition that nutrition affects all the bodily systems, including mental health. The health of the individual is altered through diet, functional foods, nutritional supplements and detoxification. The client is also educated to make the necessary changes to their lifestyle to alleviate health problems and promote optimal health.

Nutritional Therapists follow a holistic approach by ‘treating the whole person’. They develop dietary, supplementation and lifestyle prescriptions based on the client’s individual needs and always take into the account their medical, family and dietary history. Nutritional therapists also believe in working synergistically with other healthcare providers

Many conditions may benefit from nutritional therapy, such as chronic fatigue, energy loss, insomnia and depression, digestive disorders, skin complaints, asthma, and headaches. Nutritional therapy will also benefit you if you have no specific illness, but want to maintain a state of optimum health. It is a safe therapy for babies and children as well as adults

**All new clients fill out a detailed questionnaire which includes a 5-day food diary. This questionnaire must be returned to me at least 2 days before we meet. Initial consultations usually last 1.5 hours. Follow up consultations are about 45 minutes.

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