Alcohol Halts Weight Loss


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Is Leptin the Key to Weight Loss?

“Insulin” and “insulin resistance” have been the weight loss buzz words for some time now and rightfully so. Insulin is a hormone that dictates fat storage and has a host of other important functions in the body. However, leptin, a close relative to insulin, is the new “weight loss” hormone on the scene.

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Cellular Inflammation

There are two types of inflammation. The first type is an acute response to microbial infections or physical injuries (like a cut), which can often be perceived as pain or heat. The second type is inflammation that is below the perception of pain. This is cellular inflammation which can go on for years because . . . → Read More: Cellular Inflammation

Benefits of coconut oil

Much like nuts and seeds, coconut oil has also had bad press, scaring people into excluding it from their diet and missing out on its wonderful health benefits. The story goes that, in the early and mid-1980s, that public became concerned that saturated fats could raise cholesterol levels. Taking advantage of their fear, the . . . → Read More: Benefits of coconut oil

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